Notice of Updated Entry Policy for Chinese Citizens
2024-05-17 18:11

Recently, the Malaysia government has updated and simplified the entry procedures for Chinese citizens. From May 2, 2024, to December 31, 2024, Chinese citizens applicable to visa-free policy are required to provide the following materials when entering Malaysia:

1.a complete and undamaged passport valid for more than six months from the date of entry; 

2.Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) filled out online within three days before entering Malaysia (specific requirements are detailed in the attached instructions), and a printed paper confirmation letter of the MDAC;

3.a valid return ticket .

These measures have been implemented at all border checkpoints in Malaysia. All are required to undergo security checks by Malaysian immigration officers upon entry, including biometric (fingerprint) checks. If the person's name is found on the blacklist or watchlist, his(her)entry will be prohibited.

Kind reminder: For Chinese who are to entry or exit Malaysia, please present required materials on time, answer questions in a truthful and patient manner during inquiries and cooperate well with immigration officers. If there are language barriers, you can ask travellers around or airline staff for assistance. Those who are to enter Malaysia for study or work purpose still require prior approval from the Malaysian authorities. Those who plan to stay for more than 30 days in Malaysia, should apply for the appropriate visas before entry.

Hope all Chinese citizens a safe and smooth journey to Malaysia!

Instructions on filling out the Malaysian Digital Arrival Card (MDAC):

Travellers can fill out the MDAC from the following website or by scanning the QR code below. After submitting online, please download and print the paper confirmation letter of the MDAC from your email and give it to Malaysian immigration officers upon entry. Failure to fill out in advance may result in denial of entry.

Contact Information:

Immigration Department of Malaysia: +60 3 8000 8000

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Global Consular Protection and Emergency Call Centre (24 hours): +86 10 12308, +86 10 65612308

Consular Protection and Assistance of Chinese Embassy in Malaysia: +60 321645301

Consular Protection and Assistance of Consulate General of China in Kuching : +60 128861953

Consular Protection and Assistance of Consulate General of China in Kota Kinabalu : +60 149857312

Consular Protection and Assistance of Consulate General of China in Penang: +60 110592308

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