Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhang Qiyue announces at the press conference that the second round of the six-party talks is slated for February 25th in Beijing
2004-02-03 00:00

I am authorized to make an announcement that the second round of the six-party talks will be held in Beijing on February 25. The date has been set based on consultation within the parties involved. Presently China is discussing specific issues with the other parties on measures to ensure the success of the talks.

For a period of time, to maintain the momentum of the peace-talk process and settle problems peacefully through dialogue, China has kept contact and held close consultations with the parties involved and consensus has been expanded as a result. Currently all the parties involved deem the time and conditions ripe for the second round of the talks.

We believe that the parties involved will show flexibility and sincerity of cooperation to the largest extent to push the second round of the talks toward concrete progress in the spirit of mutual respect and consultation on an equal footing.

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